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Best Android Hidden Features


Android is the world’s most popular operating system for mobile devices. Android powers hundreds of millions of mobile devices in more than 190 countries around the world. Here we are sharing few hidden Android features and tricks that you mustn’t miss. Check these out and see if you really know all of them.

1) Recover Lost Notifications

Cleaning notifications without actually reading them is a common practice among android users. In this cleaning process sometimes an important one gets cleared.

There are lots of notification apps out there that help you in accessing the lost ones, but there is already an inbuilt feature deep inside the os to get back the lost notification.

  • Long-tap an empty space on Android home screen.
  • Click on Widgets –> scroll or swipe –> Settings shortcut
  • Drag Setting shortcut to home screen.
  • In the settings shortcut menu , scroll down and select Notification log.
  • A Notification log shortcut will appear on your home screen.


2) Guest Mode

How in windows pc Guest login is there where you personal files and preferences are hidden, same way for Android 5.0 Lollipop and above ships with a system level guest mode. If you need to give you phone to someone and you don’t want them to see your data, then enable guest mode.

  • Go to Settings –> Users
  • You will see three icons – your google account, Add guest and Add user.
  • Click on Add guest.
  • Now you phone will switch to guest mode where your data is hidden.
  • Once done with guest mode you can easily revert to you google account.


3) Screen Pinning

Screen pinning keeps people locked into the app you set for them. For example when your kids borrow the phone to play a game or friend borrow your phone to make a call. User can’t move out of the pinned app.

Turn on screen pinning

  • Go to Settings –> Screen pinning.

Pin a screen

  • Go to screen you want to pin.
  • Tap Overview
  • Swipe up to show the pin icon. You’ll see it at the bottom right of your selected screen.
  • Tap the pin icon.

Unpin a screen

  • On the pinned screen , touch and hold Back and Overview.
  • enter your password if asked.


4) Browse SD card through any browser

You can access your sd card content through any browser, just by entering this a simple url. This trick comes handy when you don’t have any file explorer app installed and you want to access sd card.

  • Open any browser.
  • Enter this url –> file:///sdcard/
  • press enter and you can see all your sd card content. Click on folders to view the sub directories or files.


5) Restrict Internet Data Usage

Ever wanted to know why you’re getting so much internet bill. The reason is there are many apps installed in your phone which constantly pulls data from the server in background even when you are not using those apps.

But there is a inbuilt feature in android where you can restrict data usage to a particular app.

  • Go to SettingsApps.
  • Select the app for which you want to restrict data.
  • Click on Data usage.
  • Disable Background data.

Tell us about new android hidden features that you found in the comments below.

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